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  • Counterfeit Medicines In Africa: A Public Health Menace

    - 26 Sep 2018


    It is estimated by the World Health Organisation (WHO) that there are close to 100 000 deaths in Africa annually as a result of complications related to counterfeit medicines for common, treatable diseases.

  • Malaria In Africa

    - 25 Sep 2018

    Malaria in Africa

    Malaria, a disease of global health importance, has resulted in enormous costs to individuals, families and governments, especially in Africa, despite increased efforts towards its prevention and management.

  • Anaemia – An African Context

    - 24 Sep 2018

    An overview of anaemia in Africa

    Although malaria remains the disease of the highest public health importance in Africa, anaemia is likewise of great concern in the region.  The health implication of anaemia is even more impactful in women and children, who are especially susceptible to the disorder.

  • Taking care of people's health

    - 29 Apr 2018

    Shalina Healthcare Zambia sponsored the health segment of "Wake Up Zambia" ...

  • Fight against Counterfeits

    - 24 Apr 2018

    Shalina continues to maintain its focus on preventing counterfeits ...