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12 Feb 2019

Shalina opens in Maiduguri

Another proud day for Shalina Healthcare, as we expand into north-eastern Nigeria to Maiduguri despite social unrest due to the Boko Haram insurgency, we believe that Shalina products will go a long way in improving the overall quality of health and living standards of the local communities. Gregory Ameh Akpah, Regional Manager, Shalina Abuja, is happy to say that the area is slowly relaxing from the insurgent activities, and business is gradually picking up again.

30 Mar 2018

Shalina's Expansion Continues

To ensure accessibility of quality & affordable medicines, a new branch was opened in Likasi (Democratic Republic of Congo) on 30th March 2018. The inauguration of the branch was done by The Maire De La Ville of Likasi, Mr. Ideasbald Petwe Kapande along with other dignitaries.

The opening of this branch is another step towards our mission of providing quality medicines available at affordable prices.

24 Feb 2018

Strategy offsite for India leadership tem

Shalina Healthcare organized an offsite from 22nd – 24th February 2018 for its India leadership team. Challenging tasks and experiential learning helped to develop innovative thinking as well as build comraderie within the team. During the retreat, the team deliberated and articulated the strategic initiatives for the business in the coming financial year.

This initiative is in line with the organization’s core value of ‘People’. Proud to be a Shalinite!!

08 Sep 2017

Shalina Healthcare FDI of more than US$16m approved by Angolan government

Shalina Healthcare has signed an agreement with The Technical Unit for Private Investment (UTIP) in Angola.  UTIP is the Angolan Government agency that receives, analyses and recommends to the President of The Republic of Angola any foreign direct investment exceeding US$10m.

Shalina plans to invest US$16m to build a new Shalina Distribution Centre. The new centre will house a world class pharmaceutical distribution facility that complies with international GSDP standards (Good Storage and Distribution Practices) and it will be used to distribute Shalina’s range of more than 300 pharmaceuticals products across Angola. The new centre will also contain a large training centre that will be used to conduct continuous medical education for doctors and pharmacists in Angola.

The land acquisition has been completed.  Civil construction work will start in October 2017 and is expected to be completed by early 2019.

This investment reflects our long term commitment to Angola and partnering with the Angolan Government’s priority to ensure Quality medicines at Affordable prices across Angola.

06 Jul 2017

Shalina deploys Microsoft Dynamics NAV as part of business strategy

Shalina Healthcare is implementing Microsoft Dynamics NAV and LS Retail Point of Sale system across our businesses for the consolidation of systems and strategic transformation across the company’s operational landscape. This implementation will help to integrate the business processes and systems resulting in higher operational efficiency.

Microsoft Dynamics-NAV solution is trusted by 2,200 companies and over 1,250,000 licensed users worldwide. MS-NAV has the flexibility, customization capability along with the multi-company, multi-language and multi-currency functionality which makes it perfect for global businesses like Shalina Healthcare.

The first stage of our MS-NAV implementation has been completed by implementing it successfully in Zambia, Nigeria, Ghana, Dubai and now, most recently, Angola. The next phase is in progress to implement it in the rest of the Shalina Healthcare businesses.

Some of the benefits achieved through MS – NAV implementation are:

  • Standardization in creation and maintenance of organization processes
  • Real-time consolidation of financials
  • Proactive and predictive with embedded business intelligence tools that help us not only solve problems but also prevent them from occurring in the first place.
  • LS Point of Sale system offers an end-to-end solution, fully embedded within Microsoft Dynamics NAV, giving complete visibility over the entire operation, from Point of Sale to back office and head office functions
  • Powerful reporting and analytical capabilities help staff to work better, faster, and smarter.
  • Improved insight at all levels of the business through integrated centralized system and drill down capabilities and detailed audit trails.

03 Oct 2016

Jejuri Capacity Expansion

Shalina is proud to announce the inauguration of its new ointment manufacturing facility on 3rd October 2016 at its plant in Pune, India. The state-of-the-art ointment manufacturing facility along with a dedicated warehousing block will enhance our monthly production capacity of creams to 13 million tubes and lotions to 3 million bottles. This expansion was undertaken with a capital investment of 4 million USD.

The facility is conceptualized and designed along the WHO cGMP guidelines leading to easy and efficient material handling from raw materials to finished goods. It is a fully automated, closed manufacturing concept so that the finished product made is with minimal human intervention. The facility is supported by the world class quality testing lab having the latest QA and QC instrumentation.

Our vision to provide affordable medicines available across Africa has guided our strategic capacity enhancement initiatives throughout the last 3 decades of existence. With this strategic initiative, Shalina will continue to be a leader in the healthcare industry in Africa.

10 Jun 2015

Shalina products registered in Gabon

As part of its expansion into French West Africa, Shalina receives a number of registrations, across its therapeutic categories.

08 Apr 2015

Shalina registered in Ivory Coast

Shalina receives Certification from DPML Ivory Coast in West Africa along with a significant number of registrations.

09 Mar 2015

PFSCM approval for Shalina, China

Shalina China Operations approved by Partnership for Supply Chain Management (PFSCM) as a Wholesaler to PFSCM network.

16 Feb 2015

Shalina's 10th Store in Angola

Shalina inaugurates its 10th Store in Angola at Malanje.

18 Nov 2013

Shalina Jejuri near Pune, India approved by MOH, Angola

A delegation from the Angolan Ministry of Health – CECOMA visits Shalina Jejuri facility near Pune, India and approves the facility.

12 Sep 2013

Shalina strengthens in DRC

Operations begin in Matadi (BAS Congo) and in Butembo in the North East of DRC. Counterfeiters are put on notice and legal and police action is taken in the DR Congo

04 Sep 2013

Shalina Depot in Lubango, Angola

Shalina inaugurates its operations in Lubango in the South of Angola with GSP facilities, which are acknowledged and appreciated by the Angolan Ministry of Health officials as the best in Southern Angola.

22 Oct 2012

7th Shalina Depot in Angola

Shalina inaugurates its seventh store in Viana, in the suburbs of Luanda, Angola.

Located on Angola’s coast with the Atlantic Ocean, Luanda is both Angola’s chief seaport and its administrative center. It has a metropolitan population of over 6 million.  Shalina added an additional depot within this capital city to cater the demands of its large and sprawling population.

14 Aug 2012

ISO 9001 : 2008 Certification

Shalina India obtains ISO 9001 : 2008 certification.

06 Aug 2012

Shalina Dubai moves to own premises

Shalina moves its corporate office to its own premises on the 30th floor, Almas Tower in Jumeirah Lakes Towers, Dubai.

20 Jul 2011

Shalina in Ghana

Shalina begins its operations in Accra, Ghana.

15 Mar 2011

New Depot in Uige, Angola

Uige in Angola was badly affected by the 23 years civil war.  Shalina establishes operations in Uige in 2011 and the population has access to Shalina’s quality medicines at affordable price.

25 Jan 2011

Recognition for Shalina at DR Congo

“Generation Impact Médias” awarded to Shalina Polyclinic & Eye Clinic in recognition of the services rendered to the people of Katanga, DR Congo.

03 Dec 2010

New Operations in Kisangani, DRC

Shalina commences new operations in Kisangani in the DR Congo

19 Oct 2010

New Depot in Huambo, Angola

Huambo in Angola which was adversely affected by the Civil war becomes the location for the 5th Shalina Store in Angola.  The population of Huambo and surrounding provinces now has access to Shalina quality medicines at affordable prices.

08 Sep 2010

Shalina Jejuri factory approved by Kenya Authorities

The Jejuri production facility near Pune, India is approved by Kenya Pharmacy and Poisons Board for oral solid dose forms and topical preparations.

21 Jun 2010

Shalina Jejuri approved by Democratic Republic of Congo MOH

The Jejuri production facility near Pune, India is approved by DR Congo Authorities.

18 May 2010

Shalina Commences Sales in Kenya

Shalina commences new operations in Nairobi, Kenya.

12 May 2010

Shalina Jejuri factory approved by Nigerian Authorities

The Jejuri production facility near Pune, India is approved by The National Agency for Food and Drugs Administration and Control (NAFDAC) in Nigeria.

08 Feb 2010

Shalina India Celebrates Silver Jubilee

Shalina Laboratories in Mumbai celebrates its 25th anniversary for successful operations in India.

29 Nov 2009

Shalina Jejuri Factory approval in Ghana

The Jejuri Factory near Pune in Maharashtra, India was approved as a source by the Ghana Food & Drugs Authority for external preparations and oral solids.

24 Nov 2009

Shalina India receives Award

Shalina Laboratories (P) Ltd. is recognised by the Government of India and awarded the National Export Award in the Pharmaceutical Sector.

26 Aug 2009

Shalina begins operations in Lagos, Nigeria

Shalina begins operations in Lagos, Nigeria.

24 Nov 2008

Shalina in Cameroon

Shalina begins its operations in Douala, Cameroon.

20 Jun 2008

Two additional Depots in Angola

Two additional depots are made operational in Angola.  One is opened in the Southern city of Lobito and the second is in the Gamek district of Luanda.  This takes our total stores servicing Angola to four.

10 Jun 2008

More Shalina Depots in DRC

In a further endeavour to make Quality Medicines available to the population of Eastern DR Congo, a new store is inaugurated at Bukavu in June 2008.

27 Feb 2008

New Operations in Central African Republic

Shalina begins operations in the Central African Republic, in the capital Bangui.  Shalina is the only provider of quality medicines to the country.

08 Dec 2007

Shalina Eye Clinic in Democratic Republic of Congo

The Shalina Eye Clinic is inaugurated in Lubumbashi DRC.  The Eye clinic is set up to provide free eye care to the population of DRC southern provinces.  Free Cataract and other Ophthalmologic surgeries are conducted daily free of cost to the needy.

27 Aug 2007

Shalina in Goma, DRC

Identifying the need for quality medicines at affordable prices in Eastern DR Congo, Shalina starts its Goma operations

12 Apr 2006

Corporate office in Dubai

The Corporate Office of Shalina Healthcare is shifted from UK to Dubai in the UAE.  We start operations in Jebel Ali Free Zone Authorities (JAFZA) in Jebel Ali.

10 Jun 2005

Shalina expands distribution across DRC

Shalina continues expanding its distribution network across DRC, inaugurating new operations in Kikwit in the DR Congo.

08 May 2005

Shalina office in China

Shalina opens a representative office in China in 2005, to start sourcing from China.  Shijiazhuang is known to be a Pharma hub in China.  A dedicated team of technical and commercial staff ensures sourcing of high quality affordable finished products and APIs.

05 Apr 2005

Second Depot in Luanda, Angola

Following the success of our first depot in Luanda, a second depot is opened in Luanda, in the district of Palanca.  This allows Shalina to make quality medicines affordable to the Kilamba Kiaxi community in Luanda

13 Nov 2002

Shalina expands to Angola

Shalina recognises the need for quality affordable medicines across the border and opens its first distribution point outside of DRC, in Luanda, the capital city of Angola.

Shalina is one of the first Pharmaceutical companies operating in Luanda providing Quality Medicines at Affordable Prices to the Angolan People where earlier branded medicines were scarce, extremely expensive where few could afford.

Africa Pharmacy Lda is set up and commences operations in Angola.  Shalina starts recruiting Management Trainees from reputed Business schools in India and Africa.

13 May 1999

Shalina in Zambia

Shalina begins its operations in the capital of Zambia in Lusaka.

18 Mar 1998

Quality Control Laboratory in Pawane, Bombay

To ensure Quality Standards are met, a dedicated Quality Control Laboratory is set up in Pawane.  A dedicated warehouse is also set up to store finished and Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients.

20 Oct 1997

Shalina brand loyalty in Democratic Republic of Congo

The business continues to build brand loyalty becoming a well-known and trusted Pharmaceutical company within the DRC. Profits are reinvested to ensure increased rates of organic growth for the medicine business across the Country.

14 May 1996

Shalina builds its relationship in DRC

The Shalina Pharmacy, via its nation-wide pharma wholesale depots selling medicines such as painkillers, anti-malarial, anti-tuberculosis drugs and dermatological creams continues to build strong local and national relationships with the government in Democratic Republic of Congo.

17 Aug 1994

Demand for Shalina products increases

The demand for Shalina products increases exponentially and new manufacturing partners in India are identified and commissioned to satisfy this demand.

14 Jul 1992

Shalina in Lubumbashi, Democratic Republic of Congo

In keeping with the Shalina’s Mission of Affordability, a wholesale shop is opened in Southern province of Katanga, in Lubumbashi. This allows Shalina to reach more Congolese with quality medicines that are affordable

20 Mar 1987

Shalina's "just-in-time" system in Democratic Republic of Congo

The Shalina brand becomes well known across the DRC for quality pharmaceuticals, with world-class factories in India producing goods on the modern “just-in-time” system. Shalina specializes in the marketing and distribution of the products, with our most popular product being Diproso

15 Apr 1982

First Shalina Pharmacy in Kinshasa

The first wholesale Shalina pharmacy was opened in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo.  The products were sourced from pharmaceutical distributors in India.  The Company develops the concept of making low cost generic pharmaceutical products available to the general market.

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