Technology with a Personal Touch

Technology is at the forefront of medical innovation, not just in new product development but also systems and software to drive them. To this end, we embarked on a journey with CRM (Customer [...]

African Health is in their Hands

Children learn by doing, and habits adopted from an early age are practiced throughout life. Something as simple as correct hand techniques will be massively impactful, because handwashing is a [...]

Building Our Leaders for Tomorrow!

In pursuit of our Vision to be Sub-Saharan Africa’s Health Champion with brands that people love and trust, we believe that our people are our greatest asset.  We are proud of our global Shalina [...]

Inaugural Rising Stars Award

The National Grand Finale of the Shalina Rising Stars Award took place on 29 March 2022. It was a full house of senior consultants, dignitaries, and resident doctors whom all added shine to the [...]

CVD Grand Launch

We recently hosted the finest doctors at the CVD (cardiovascular disease) Grand Launch, including professors and heads of department from the top hospitals in Nigeria and West Africa.   [...]

Brand New Kalemie Depot

The province of Tanganuika in the DRC faces a challenge common to many provinces throughout the country. Variety and supply of products targeting common diseases are either unavailable or require [...]

Multimodal Pain Management webinar

Pain management continues to be a major societal issue. To achieve optimal pain management, several guidelines from professional associations endorse the use of a multimodal approach for acute [...]