Our Quality Promise

We ensure that products manufactured and distributed by us, consistently meet predetermined quality specifications and our customer expectations. We believe in continual improvement of our products and processes through training and innovation.

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Shalina is a dynamic place to work.

Exciting new challenges appear every day, and we love that our people always rise to the occasion. We hire people who are passionate about what they do and who want to make a difference in the lives of people.

At Shalina, your talent can touch the lives of people across the globe; whether you choose a career in marketing, sales, finance or information technology, as a Shalina member you will contribute to the welfare of the society and make better health a reality for generations to come.

At Shalina, we support a culture of collaboration and meritocracy. You will work closely with people who are as passionate about their jobs as you are.

We provide limitless opportunities for you to put your knowledge and skills to work, but that’s just the beginning: our employees are encouraged to think independently, develop leadership skills, and explore innovative ideas.

The recognition mechanism is backed by a robust Balanced Score Card based Performance Management System. It ensures that employees have specific and measurable targets cascaded down in line with the organizational objectives. The quarterly and annual performance reviews ensure that our performers are recognized and rewarded.

Shalina offers a fast-paced, performance-oriented yet enjoyable work environment.

We encourage meritocracy at Shalina Healthcare, where everyone has the right to express their opinions and are encouraged to share them openly and often

‘Mrs. Shalina Clifford – CEO’

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