Cholesterol Medication Supplement

Overcoming the side effects of cholesterol medication

For some people, diet and lifestyle changes alone are not enough to combat high cholesterol. High blood cholesterol levels are often genetic and for these individuals, prescription medication such as statins are required.1, 2, 3

Some people might be reluctant to start or continue to use statins due to potential side effects, such as muscle pain and tenderness, cramps, stiffness or muscle weakness.5

The solution to these possible statin side-effects is a simple dosage of one STATIN-GAP capsule per day, which maintains the essential nutrients required for adequate muscle function and strength that may be depleted as a result of cholesterol treatment.

Cholesterol Medication Supplement

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Benefits of statins

impact the benefits of statin therapy


Reduces the rates of:

  • Major cardiac events
  • Stroke
  • Mortality and all-cause morbidity

Non-adherence/discontinuation from statin therapy due to SAMS (SAMS = statin-associated muscle symptoms) has a marked impact on CVD benefit, resulting in a higher risk of cardiovascular disease and death1

Cholesterol Medication Supplement

Statin-Associated Muscle Symptoms

SAMS = statin-associated muscle symptoms


  • Up to 29 % of statin users* experience statin-associated muscle symptoms (SAMS), the most common side effect of statin therapy1
  • Up to 75 % of statin users with SAMS discontinue statin therapy within 2 years1,2
Cholesterol Medication Supplement

Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) deficiency

are potentiated by coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) deficiency3,4

Vitamin D deficiencies

STATIN-ASSOCIATED MUSCLE SYMPTOMS may be potentiated by vitamin D deficiencies4

Cholesterol Medication Supplement
  • Vitamin D receptors are present in skeletal muscle4
  • Vitamin D is required for muscle strength4
  • Vitamin D deficiency can potentiate SAMS and has been found to be an independent predictor of myalgia4,5

HydroQsorb CoQ10

STATIN-GAP contains HydroQsorb CoQ10 for more efficient cellular uptake6,11

  • Higher efficiency of micellarisation
  • HydroQsorb is incorporated more efficiently at 72 % vs. 52 % for control CoQ1011
  • Micellarisation is a critical step in the absorptive process
  • CoQ10 is hydrophobic and will pass through the intestine unabsorbed if not incorporated into micelles
  • The tissue incorporation of 50 mg HydroQsorb CoQ10 is equivalent
    to that of 200 mg of CoQ1011
  • Higher uptake of micellarised CoQ10 by intestinal cells11
  • HydroQsorb’s cellular uptake is 4.9 times higher vs. CoQ10 control 11
  • The next step in absorption is uptake of micelles by intestinal cells
  • Enhanced uptake of HydroQsorb allows for lower dosages to accomplish the same degree of tissue incorporation
  • The tissue incorporation of 50 mg HydroQsorb CoQ10 is equivalent
    to that of 200 mg of CoQ1011


STATIN-GAP maintains the essential nutrients that may be depleted as a result of the treatment of high cholesterol6

*suggested intake – no specific dietary intake recommendation

Cholesterol Medication Supplement

Dosage & directions for use

Take one (1) capsule daily2

Please note: This is an educational information leaflet only and should not be used for diagnosis. For more information on cholesterol, consult your healthcare professional.

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