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Germol Soap

Germol Soap
Germol soap is an antiseptic that is useful for good family hygiene and, most importantly, protection from the day-to-day risk of germs and their spread.


Why Germol Soap

Germol soap is undoubtedly a must-have for good family hygiene. In particular, this is because it protects us from the daily risk of infections and their spread.

Germol contains trichlorocarbanilide and triclosan. From these, we get antibacterial and antifungal properties that, of course, help in killing germs.

The ingredients of Germol have shown scientifically-proven antiseptic properties.

Anyone can safely use this very effective antiseptic soap. In short, it is ideal for the entire family.

Handwashing is a critical component in eradicating communicable diseases. That is to say, it prevents the spread of germs (including COVID-19), which occur because of touching surfaces in public places, handshakes etc. With this in mind, read our article about our school contact program sponsored by Germol.

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