Our Quality Promise

We ensure that products manufactured and distributed by us, consistently meet predetermined quality specifications and our customer expectations. We believe in continual improvement of our products and processes through training and innovation.



Shalina Healthcare manufactures and commercializes a diverse range of generic products. Our product portfolio caters to a wide range of therapeutic areas including analgesics, dermatology, anti-malarials, gastrointestinal, anti infectives and nutraceuticals. Many of our brands like Epiderm, Betasol and Ibucap hold leading positions in their respective sub-therapeutic classes. With a portfolio of >250 Products across 12 therapeutic categories we remain committed to providing affordable pharmaceutical products of global quality standards to all patients across Africa.

Over the last thirty years, Shalina’s reputation as a quality healthcare provider in Africa has been well accepted by the medical community, who has no hesitation in prescribing Shalina products to their patients.

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