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We encourage meritocracy at Shalina Healthcare, where everyone has the right to express their opinions and are encouraged to share them openly and often. Please feel free to fill out an application if you are interested in joining the growing Shalina family.

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Shalina Panel– Gastric Acidity 2021

Join us for the panel discussion set to establish an interesting link between renowned drug researchers in pharmacy with expertise in antacids in-vitro studies and a gastroenterologist, as they correlate learnings from basic research to clinical outcomes. Antacids are primarily designed to neutralize gastric acid and still has a useful place in the treatment of numerous gastric […]

Shalina Webinar – Early Detection, Care and Control of Hypertension: a Community-Based Approach

May is the month to create awareness about the measurement of blood pressure (BP) and its importance in the management of Hypertension. Raised BP is the number one cause of preventable death worldwide. Only half of people with high BP know they have it. These deaths are PREVENTABLE. With this view in mind, a renowned […]

Shalina Webinar – A Panel Discussion to Mark World Malaria Day

Shalina Healthcare hosted a panel discussion to mark World Malaria Day. The Fight Against Malaria: Overcoming the Stall in Progress took place on Saturday, April 24th. This webinar featured a panel discussion on the importance of overcoming the obstacles in maintaining malaria interventions. Panelists shared insights on the fight against malaria across different regions in […]

Shalina Webinar – Keeping the Patient at the Center 2021

Hosting our 14th webinar, we hear from our expert speaker Dr. Raman Kumar on what it means to be truly patient-centred. As per the traditional “medical model”, patients are expected to fit in with the routines and practices that health services felt were most appropriate. However, in order to be patient-centered, healthcare services need to […]

Shalina Webinar – Characteristics & Management of Common Skin Disorders 2021

Shalina Healthcare hosted our 13th webinar session: “Characteristics & Management of Common Skin Disorders: A Pictorial Guide”. The webinar took place on Saturday, 20th February at 3:00 PM West Africa time. Skin disease is a common problem, and one of the most frequent reasons for consulting primary care teams. Most of the patients with skin […]

Shalina Webinar – Acute Cough January 2021

In case you missed the first Shalina Healthcare webinar session of 2021 where Dr. Surya Kant Tripathi shed light on various crucial aspects of acute cough which took place on the 16th of January 2021. An acute cough is one of the most common complaints prompting patient visits to healthcare professionals. Despite the broad repercussions […]

Shalina Webinar – Critical Review in Strategies to Prevent and Control Iron Deficiency Anemia

We at Shalina Healthcare hosted the 11th Webinar series session, which took place on Saturday, 28 November 2020. If you were unable to attend it live, you can watch it here. The 11th session was on “Critical Review in Strategies to Prevent and Control Iron Deficiency Anemia,” with the guest speaker being Dr. Abhay Bhave […]

Shalina Webinar – Helicobacter pylori infection: African and International Perspectives

We at Shalina Healthcare hosted our 10th Webinar session in our Shalina Health series, which took place 24th October 2020, at 3 pm (West Africa Time). The previous president of the Indian Society of Gastroenterology, Dr. Philip Abraham as well as Prof.Adamu Alhaji Samaila who is Head of Dept. of Gastroenterology at Aminu Kano Teaching […]

Shalina Webinar- Strategies to limit Antibiotic Resistance and Improve Infectious Disease Control Webinar – 19 September 2020

We are pleased to bring you another Shalina Health Webinar episode.  In this 9th session, we are joined by an expert Doctor in infectious disease management, Dr Om Shrivastav M.D. Medicine. Dr Shrivastav discusses strategies to limit antibiotic resistance and to improve infection control. During times of health uncertainty, we remember how important the role […]

Shalina Webinar – Postpartum Hemorrhage 15 August

In this episode, we are grateful to be joined by Prof. Suchitra Pandit, a highly acclaimed doctor and former President of the Federation of Obstetrics & Gynaecological Societies of India and accomplished contributor to the literature on this subject. Postpartum hemorrhage (PPH) is a widely prevalent health issue in developing economies and it is considered […]

Shalina Webinar – Malaria Elimination Current Status, Challenges and Strategies

Malaria remains a major disease of public health impact in Sub-Sahara Africa. This webinar is delivered by an eminent panel covering various crucial aspects of malaria. Prof. Ghosh (Former Head, ICMR-National Institute of Malaria Research, India) has wonderfully summarized the measures and advances in malaria treatment, research, and elimination challenges with glocal perspectives. Prof. Mokuolu […]

Shalina Webinar – “A Three Pronged Multimodal Attack for Control Pain” June 2020

We at Shalina Healthcare hosted our 6th Webinar session. The expert speaker for this webinar was Prof. K. D. Rainsford who covered the details of inflammation and pain mechanisms, and actions of analgesics and NSAIDs (+/- caffeine). This webinar has wonderfully covered the Concept of the “analgesic ceiling” as an intrinsic limitation to pain relief […]

Shalina Webinar – Management of patients with COVID19 16 May 2020

We at Shalina Healthcare have expanded our webinar series into 4 other African countries: Ghana, Nigeria, Zambia and Kenya. The first webinar topic is “Management of patients with COVID19” and was hosted by Dr Sanjeev Mehta, a Senior chest physician from Mumbai, India. He is actively involved in the management of COVID19 cases in India […]

Shalina Webinar – COVID19 and Diabetes May 2020

On 1st May, we launched the first in our series of Medical Webinars for Africa. More than 700 doctors attended the live session to hear our host Dr Kapongo Remy, a specialist in Endocrinology.

Shalina Healthcare breaks new ground with the launch of its ‘Medical Webinars for Africa’ series

On 1st May, we launched the first in our series of Medical Webinars for Africa. More than 700 doctors attended the live session to hear our host Dr Kapongo Remy, a specialist in Endocrinology.

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