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Irma Trindade is one of three nuns who has been running the local healthcare Santa Maria Mother and Child Centre in Luanda since 1998. Before Shalina Healthcare got involved, Trindade and the Mother and Child Centre struggled to find access to medication in Angola. The situation only got worse with the increasing prevalence of the Angolan Civil War in the 1970’s.

However, this partnership has offered Irma and the Santa Maria Mother and Child Centre help and affordability.

Trindade and the missionary treat approximately 70 women and 100 babies daily for common afflictions such as Malaria and respiratory diseases. They also provide vaccine clinics, lab tests, pregnancy check ups, and training classes for mothers on hygiene, medication, and vaccines.

Today, Shalina is the largest provider of essential medicines at affordable prices in Angola. They have founded a series of local depots to reach hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, and non-governmental organizations like the Santa Maria Maternal Health Centre.

Their involvement with the Angolan community through local healthcare has lowered infant and adult mortality rates due to an increased presence of analgesics and antibiotics.

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Watch the full ‘It’s Africa’s Time’ episode here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k38Phn56WPE

Learn more about Shalina: https://www.shalina.com/about-us/

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