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Healthcare to the masses

Shalina is passionate about healthcare in Africa. Social responsibility is an essential component of both our vision and core values. Working closely with local communities, we want to assist people to live longer and healthier lives.

Partnering with parastatal organizations, pharmacist bodies, and governmental institutions, Shalina offers a variety of free educational and healthcare services, such as de-worming, anaemia, and malaria camps. We have a series of Tanzol de-worming camps throughout West and Central Africa, including Angola, Democratic Republic of Congo, Central African Republic, Nigeria, and Ghana.

Intestinal worm infestations are a hugely neglected issue in Africa. Beyond supplying medication, it is crucial to educate the general population as to why worm infestations should be taken seriously and how it affects nutrition and growth – especially in children. Patients are then de-wormed with Tanzol (Albendazole), which is cost-effective, safe, and an effective treatment for a variety of intestinal worms.

Annually, since 2012, we have aimed to provide 180 de-worming camps per year. Between April and November 2018, we supplied 107 camps, which dispensed treatment to 22,307 people; 70% of whom were children. Should one live in an area with over a 50% prevalence of worm investigations, one should get de-wormed twice a year.

Shalina Healthcare is inspired by Good Health in Africa, and we feel it is our duty to society to run these events and support communities throughout Africa.

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